Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison

The Ireland Garrison is an all-volunteer organization. The Garrison promotes interest in Star Wars through Star Wars related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

501st Ireland Garrison Updates

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Our troopers can be seen with our dear friends from Rebel Legion Ireland this weekend at Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon park in Belfast for Rose week…

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After cleaning the armour, our troopers really need to work on their frown. #StarWars #BadGuysDoingGood Image by Aidan Kyle

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Ever wanted to know how our troopers keep their armour so white? Well now you know. #StarWars #BadGuysDoingGood #TrooperThursday Image by Aidan..

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Vader poses for a photo with other troopers from Kilbarrack Fire Station. #BadGuysDoingGood #StarWars Rebel Legion Ireland

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Click here to support The Empire Gives Back organized by 501st Legion Ireland Garrison

Only 10 days away now and loads more funds would be very welcomed! 😀 As you can see we’re nowhere near our goal yet. Can you help us get there?..

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Even the bad guys get to have a break. Taken at #BarkInThePark for The Irish Blue Cross #BadGuysDoingGood #StarWars

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When your tie is ‘in the shop’. Having fun at #AoibheannsPinkTie #TieFighterPilot #skystrike #BadGuysDoingGood #StarWars Image by Teodóra Krucasy

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Our tie pilot was getting some flying tips at the #AoibheannsPinkTie summer party. #BadGuysDoingGood #StarWars Image by Teodóra Krucasy

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