Welcome to the 501st Ireland Garrison

The Ireland Garrison is an all-volunteer organization. The Garrison promotes interest in Star Wars through Star Wars related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

501st Ireland Garrison Updates

That’s correct operator, please can you connect me to the Starkiller base…… What do you mean you can’t get a connection?…… #TraceyGoodacreTrust..

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VIECC Vienna Comic Con

This is amazing from our sisters & brothers of 501st Luxembourg Outpost

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Our troopers take a break before the busy weekend ahead. Check out previous posts & http://501stireland.com/events for news on our upcoming appearances…

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It’s all about the porgs! #TheLastJedi #StarWars #501stIreland #BadGuysDoingGood #PorgLife #Porg http://ift.tt/2yQnQ7I

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